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So What?

Posted by Zecktroid on November 24, 2010

This is sorta creeping me out that I actually decided to just check out my WordPress account since I was bored. First off its because I haven’t been on it in like over a year now. Second off since I’ve quit Club Penguin and almost never get on the computer. And third off since I wont be able to do anything.

But it is just me or do I still get visits every single day on this site. No matter how long ago I quit posting? Ive had like 12 hits in a day for a while now. Dont know what that is its views, just in case. But anyways, seriously, there are still people coming? Creeps me out a little.



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Starting Over Entirely

Posted by Zecktroid on June 9, 2010

I do really feel like I need to start over. I post I get like 2 views. My views never went up over time. They just went down. I couldnt get someone to comment to save myself. I have like only 90 comments in over 8 months and 200 something posts I think? Alot of this has contributed to the name I had. zecktroidcpcheats. No one will look for something with a Z. So if I do start over. Im not going to tell you what the website is. I want to earn all my views again. Bye.


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How To Stop Herbert (Hint 2)

Posted by Zecktroid on June 1, 2010

Well, after my parents car breaking down Ive decided to give you the next hint in this series. (Dont worry, we got home. :). So, If I havent said this in the first post, here it is. Look at the new mission or some of the others. What does he say about himself? This is very much needed, if I could send this into CP and organize stopping herbert myself I would. But I dont know how I could even do that if I got the chance. He is a vegetarian! So to stop him you must do what? If I get a comment that is right I wont post the answer tomorrow. If not it will be posted. VEGETARIAN, shouldn’t that give you the answer in itself? Well cya!

-Zecktroid, a very wierd penguin.

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How to stop Herbert! (Hint 1)

Posted by Zecktroid on May 31, 2010

Guys I have figured out how to stop Herbert. Im amazed it took me so long and if anyone else figured it out before me, whatever. To stop Herbert we need to listen to the missions, find out who he really is. Thats how we destroy him. I already know the answer this is just a hint.

Would have picture of herbert but my computer cant do that strangely.


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Boredom, Got on and still getting views?

Posted by Zecktroid on May 10, 2010

Hello People that will still randomly come here. Today I was downloading things on my Xbox360, when I decided to check my e-mail. I turned off the Xbox360 and went to my computer. I noticed I had many comments that are automatically sent to your email. So I got my password and got on. Ive gone up over 2,000 VIEWS since ive been gone. So here is my question for the remaining few that still stupidly (No Offense) come here. WHY ARE YOU COMING BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN? I know this is stupid to ask but, what the heck, ive gotten comments while I’ve been gone. Maybe some will suffice here? Remember, I deleted my twitter. So if anyone does see this tell others please. I get quiet bored lately and I feel like doing something with this blog. I’d like it alot.


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No More Posting….. (Here anyways)

Posted by Zecktroidcp on January 20, 2010

Sorry for the sad news, but Im probably not going to post here anymore…. Ive decided running my own site is alot of work. But doesnt mean I dont want to post and stuff! Im just going to be posting on my friends site from now on. So go to for the awesome cheats alot of you have come to expect from me! Plus, I had made authors that had basically BEGGED me to make them an author. Then they had NEVER posted…. *Cough* Hui888, Mxz7000 *Cough* Me and Buffy made each other an author on each others site but I have authors for good reasons. I know that I said no posting but I wanted atleast 1 good post from them…. It never came.

So Hui888 and Mxz will no longer be authors here. Like it maters but I feel they dont deserve it in case I do start posting here again. So remember, the best cheats you will ever expierence will now be at from now on. NOT here. I know its kinda hard to think Im never going to post here again. (Probably, And im coming from my point of view). But hey, its still me. Now Rock on like the fans I know you are! (If you still come here anyways, wait, you wouldnt be reading this if you didnt come here, LOL).

The One And Only…..


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Page’s You Want!

Posted by Zecktroid on December 28, 2009

Hey guys,

As alot of you know that this site is in Construction, Im going to need some new pages! This is a chance for you to get a page you really want to see. I will pick the first 6 comments with a page they would like to see for a page. Then I may add some more if you want. I really want to see your Ideas!


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In Construction

Posted by Zecktroidcp on December 23, 2009

Zecktroid Here,

Well lately, I haven’t been getting on the Computer much AT ALL. Blogging and the computer itself was getting old and boring for me. I thought about quiting, just getting on twitter and other stuff would be left behind. But thankfully, a good friend, Buffy1011, convinced me not to quit.

So I realized I would need a totally new site or totally redesign this site. So I decided to, as its probably obvious from the title. That I choose to totally redesign this site. I will probably do all of this…

  • Miss a Few Weeks of posting
  • Get a really cool and new theme
  • Spend tons of hours and days working on the best header I will probably ever make in my life.
  • Lose tons of views during this process.

I will probably lose a ton of possible views during this process but trust me. After this is over and done. I think our views will SKYROCKET! So this site, will probably have no new posts for the rest of the winter. Keep checking my Twitter for updates on the site. Or if you continually keep coming you will see the change in the site.

Keep Checking My Twitter Here To See The Updates Coming To This Site!


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