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In Construction

Posted by Zecktroidcp on December 23, 2009

Zecktroid Here,

Well lately, I haven’t been getting on the Computer much AT ALL. Blogging and the computer itself was getting old and boring for me. I thought about quiting, just getting on twitter and other stuff would be left behind. But thankfully, a good friend, Buffy1011, convinced me not to quit.

So I realized I would need a totally new site or totally redesign this site. So I decided to, as its probably obvious from the title. That I choose to totally redesign this site. I will probably do all of this…

  • Miss a Few Weeks of posting
  • Get a really cool and new theme
  • Spend tons of hours and days working on the best header I will probably ever make in my life.
  • Lose tons of views during this process.

I will probably lose a ton of possible views during this process but trust me. After this is over and done. I think our views will SKYROCKET! So this site, will probably have no new posts for the rest of the winter. Keep checking my Twitter for updates on the site. Or if you continually keep coming you will see the change in the site.

Keep Checking My Twitter Here To See The Updates Coming To This Site!



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