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No More Posting….. (Here anyways)

Posted by Zecktroidcp on January 20, 2010

Sorry for the sad news, but Im probably not going to post here anymore…. Ive decided running my own site is alot of work. But doesnt mean I dont want to post and stuff! Im just going to be posting on my friends site from now on. So go to for the awesome cheats alot of you have come to expect from me! Plus, I had made authors that had basically BEGGED me to make them an author. Then they had NEVER posted…. *Cough* Hui888, Mxz7000 *Cough* Me and Buffy made each other an author on each others site but I have authors for good reasons. I know that I said no posting but I wanted atleast 1 good post from them…. It never came.

So Hui888 and Mxz will no longer be authors here. Like it maters but I feel they dont deserve it in case I do start posting here again. So remember, the best cheats you will ever expierence will now be at from now on. NOT here. I know its kinda hard to think Im never going to post here again. (Probably, And im coming from my point of view). But hey, its still me. Now Rock on like the fans I know you are! (If you still come here anyways, wait, you wouldnt be reading this if you didnt come here, LOL).

The One And Only…..



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