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How To Stop Herbert (Hint 2)

Posted by Zecktroid on June 1, 2010

Well, after my parents car breaking down Ive decided to give you the next hint in this series. (Dont worry, we got home. :). So, If I havent said this in the first post, here it is. Look at the new mission or some of the others. What does he say about himself? This is very much needed, if I could send this into CP and organize stopping herbert myself I would. But I dont know how I could even do that if I got the chance. He is a vegetarian! So to stop him you must do what? If I get a comment that is right I wont post the answer tomorrow. If not it will be posted. VEGETARIAN, shouldn’t that give you the answer in itself? Well cya!

-Zecktroid, a very wierd penguin.


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