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The University of Kentucky Gets 2,000 Wins! WOOT!

Posted by Zecktroidcp on December 21, 2009


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Christmas Party!

Posted by Zecktroidcp on December 18, 2009

Hey penguins,

Today the Christmas Party came out! There are so many decorations its AWESOME! Im doing red as the text color because its a CHRISTMAS color! And because I feel like it. Well anyways, there is a new game for members. At least I think its just for members. The island is so well decorated they even had to make a new map for it! Lets take a look!

This is the town during this Christmas Party.

This is the Dance Lounge or Santa’s workshop. And this is where you enter the new game.

This is the prize we get for dropping 15 presents in a chimney. And for non members that think that it must be easy, its not.

This is just the screen that CP uses to be sure that you really want something. OF COURSE I WANT IT! Its going to be rare since the game isnt exactly easy.

And last but not least, the new map.You can tell the difference since it has the Aurora thing  I think and its sorta twilight colors.


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Reviewed By You

Posted by Zecktroidcp on December 17, 2009

Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked about igloo tips and we got some great ones – just in time for the holiday decorating contest that’s happening this weekend! Here’s a great tip from Coolfiregirl: 

When it comes to decorating I get creative!! Some tips that i can give you is that do something different than everybody else. Instead of buying the Snow Globe igloo like all of your friends you could buy the Restaurant Igloo and decorate it with holiday themed items and serve some hot chocolate!!! Also put some up-beat music and dance! What makes your igloo unique is that you decorate it with your style, not like everybody else’s! Enjoy decorating and happy holidays!!!!!

Don’t forget to deck out your igloo for the contest – submit right from your igloo Dec 18 – 20th!

 Next Thursday (Dec 24th) we’re posting the results of Coins For Change! So this week’s answer will be posted in 2 weeks – on December 31. Tell us what you’re looking forward to most of all in the New Year in Club Penguin!

 Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment! We’ll post one (50 – 75 words please) in next week’s Reviewed By You. And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week’s blog, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

If You ask me I think these are some great tips! And get your comment in for a chance for it to get posted here and on the Club Penguin ‘Whats New’ Blog! You will also get 10,000 coins added to your Penguin Account!


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Newspaper Issue 218

Posted by Zecktroidcp on December 17, 2009

Hey guys, Newspaper issue 218 has come out and is being read by penguins around the island of Club Penguin! Soon we are going to get to have a Holiday party! Cool right? (Its actually starts tomorrow). So get ready, get set, still waiting. The Holidays party starts tomorrow!

This is the picture that was on the front page for the Holiday Party. (I wish I could do graphics like that! LOL)

These are the events that are coming up soon. It sorta looks like everything comes out on Christmas day or on New Years Eve.


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Happy77 asks Igloo Artist

Posted by Zecktroidcp on December 16, 2009

Hey guys, today CP released a new post on there “Whats New’ Blog. Everyone knows about the Mysterious Big present and how it will unwrap itself on Christmas day. Well, they talk about how to make your igloo a better place. And they talk about that page. Lets take a look.

Everyone’s getting ready for the Igloo Contest which starts December 18! We’re all stoked about making our homes look cool (especially with lots of candy canes)! I thought I’d get some tips from an igloo expert on how to really catch the judge’s attention.

What makes a prize-winning igloo? Can you give us any tips?

It’s not about how much furniture you use, it’s what you do with it! The judges look for creative, festive igloos. So use your imagination!

And how do you enter your igloo in the competition?

You’ll see a special igloo button in your igloo December 18-20. When your igloo is ready, just click it to enter.

 Lots of readers are curious about who the judges are… can you tell us?

We’ve got two really special guests this year and they’ve got really different tastes. By my beard, I’ll say nothing more!

 These are some good tips you guys should take in mind. They could be helpful and you may possibly win this contest! I hope I do win to, well, who wouldnt? LOLZ!


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Posted by Buffy on December 13, 2009

Hello Penguins!

All year we hear from you how important Coins For Change is – so many of you say that it means a lot to be able to participate in something that can help kids around the world!! It’s finally here and we hope you’re finding all kinds of ways around the island to celebrate the 3rd annual Coins For Change.

This year Rockhopper’s brought some rare items to help celebrate and share in your igloos. And every time you donate, you’ll be helping to decide how a 1 million dollar donation will be split. This year, the categories are: helping kids who are poor, helping kids who are sick, and helping the environment. We’ll announce the results on December 24!


We can’t wait to see all the ways you’re getting involved. Whether you donate your coins, check out the offline activities, throw a giant igloo party, or take part in the benefit concert at the Lighthouse, your actions are making a difference. Let us know what you’re up to!

Until then…Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

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Posted by Buffy on December 11, 2009

my buddies site



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Coins for change and Rockhopper!

Posted by Zecktroidcp on December 11, 2009

Hey Penguins,

Today Coins for change came out along with Rockhopper hitting the island! I plan on donating every single coin I have and I have 998,672 coins. But Ive already donated 6,000 coins to each cause so that number isnt right anymore. Lets take a look at the island right now.

The Migrater now at the Beach.

RockHoppers Rare items.

Im donating all my coins in the 500’s to these options.


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